The GCX multicultural training and advisory team is led by Sheba Nandkeolyar. Multicultural audiences are rapidly increasing in Australia, with 47% of the audience either born overseas or with one parent born overseas. Over 30% of all small businesses in Australia have ethnic ownership. The multicultural team has in-depth understanding of multicultural audiences in Australia and the integral role that plays in harnessing the multicultural marketing opportunity.

They assist with multicultural marketing audits using the GCX Proprietary Audit Framework (GPAF). Advisory services are provided to marketers who are keen to include new audiences in their marketing mix. Tailored workshops for marketing and client off-site planning sessions will be undertaken to address changing audience demographics. This vertical will also offer multicultural marketing training programs aligned to clients business objectives and requirements.

The GCX team is supported by our sister company – MultiConnexions (MCX), a leading multicultural marketing agency. The GCX team will have access to the MCX teams’ first-hand knowledge and audience insights help organisations to plan and prepare better multicultural marketing strategies. Sheba is supported by a team of 8 multicultural marketing specialists. After all, multicultural is fast becoming the new mainstream.