There is no prescriptive formula for success in cross-cultural business endeavours. Each culture is an intricately woven fabric that its society is built on. GCX helps you better understand the pattern engraved within a culture to set you up for success.

Whether you want to tap into Asia, the Middle East or Australia, we have the insight you need. We also provide support to expats on cross-cultural projects. We use our expertise to provide guidance to leaders through cross-border partnering programs. Understand the “how” of doing business in a cross-cultural environment.

People & Leadership – Cultural Orientation

Cross-cultural Expat Support:
Our programs assist Expats work through culture shock and reverse culture shock, so that they can be at their most productive when travelling to and from countries with different cultures for long durations.

Cross-Border Partnering Leaders Programs:
Ever come across a situation where you have great talent on either side of the border, but your business is still not performing as successfully as you assumed it would when you first started? GCX motivates and inspires your leaders to align effectively with their cross-border partners to achieve the high-performance targets you know your leaders and partners are capable of.

Doing Business with Asian Markets

Learn how to operate with the emerging power houses in this Asian Century, whether it is offshoring, outsourcing or partnering. GCX can ease the way for you to do business with Asia.

Cultural Cues into China:
Get insights into the Chinese way of thinking and their unique style of doing business. 

Insights into India:
Uncover the key insights into India that help you build better efficiency in your processes and construct a stronger mechanism of collaboration with your Indian professional counterparts.

Partnering with the Philippines:
Find out how your business can leverage its competitive advantage through a presence in the Philippines by better understanding the society and its culture that your business operates in.

Interpreting Indonesia:
Gain an understanding of how best to build a stronger relationship with your team members in Indonesia during cross-cultural ventures.

Venturing into Vietnam:
Discover the best kept secret of the new Asian frontier as Vietnam is quickly becoming the fastest growing economy with industrial production expanding twice as fast as its GDP.

Doing Business with the Middle East

The Middle East is no longer just about oil and you know it. GCX can help you view the business world from the eyes of your client in the Middle East and the perspective is completely different from any Australian or Western idea of doing business. Get the tips you need to break in to a market that is rewarding to those with a perseverant nature.

Doing Business with Australia

Welcome to a nation that celebrates its multiculturalism. Australia’s diversity is its greatest strength, but can be viewed as a challenge when you want to export to this vast and vibrant country. Let GCX provide you with an in-depth understanding of the culture of doing business in and with Australia.

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