The foundation of successfully competing in international markets is to build good cultural understanding of markets, develop beneficial relationships and combine these with a sound knowledge of market dynamics. International marketing is the new language for sustainable business growth. With new companies being born every day that offer the same services or products as you, finding the right partner and value proposition is important.

GCX can help get you connected through innovative cross border market strategies. If you are an organisation looking for buyers, partners, investors or allies, our market advisory services gives you the required cultural intelligence, the right connections and the relevant market insights to strategically enter and expand in these markets. We focus particularly on growing middle income markets, such as China and India, and increasing multicultural and diverse audience markets like Australia.

With our high-level knowledge of the business, legal and cultural landscape of the markets and its networks; GCX can assist with the complete range of our international marketing advisory services. Using our Inside Out framework, we work with you as part of your team in understanding your products, processes and business goals to carve out strategies designed to help you realise these goals in your chosen international market. It is not uncommon in this enculturation process that your international business model will look somewhat different to your base model. This is natural as your products and services are suitably adapted to integrate with the target international markets.

Our range of services is wide and we broadly classify them under our Inside Out framework of Culture, Relationships and Market.


Launch in China

China has a population of close to 1.4 billion people across a land mass that is larger than the United States. This country is a potential opportunity for any business trying to succeed in a globalised world. GCX can design your marketing strategy with cultural sensitivity and assist with on-the-ground implementation of this strategy to make your presence felt in China’s vast market.

Launch in India

India speaks in 780 different languages and uses 86 different scripts of communication in 29 States and 7 Union Territories. Making your mark in a country that seems to be too diverse and complex within its own boundaries is not easy. However, a singularly large and growing middle class with increasing purchasing power makes this 1.25 billion people’s market difficult for any business to overlook. GCX can assist you to identify and target the right market for your business and show you the best way to move forward.

Launch in Australia

Australia boasts a population of close to 24 million people who come from 200 different birthplaces, speaking 200 different languages and practising several different cultures. Marketing to Australia without due consideration to its cohesive multicultural environment reduces the opportunity that this country provides. GCX can give you the insights you need to build your competitive advantage to maximise growth and sales within this market and tap the right connections to do business.

Take your Brand Global

Go beyond the boundaries of your country to reach global markets. You choose which country you want to reach out to, know how much you want to invest and define your potential target audience and GCX can help you do the rest. We have the knowledge and network to help you build a global business.

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