Truth Seekers

Truth Seekers are individuals who make searching for truth their life’s mission. They search for new information to confirm or question existing beliefs while challenging obsolete ones.

Nick Frost stars as Gus Roberts, a part-time broadband installer for SMYLE Internet in the UK. When his boss Dave assigns Elton John (Samson Kayo) as his rookie partner, things begin to unravel quickly.


Truth Seekers marks Nick Frost and Simon Pegg’s return to Edgar Wright’s Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy; yet this Amazon Prime Video series doesn’t quite live up to its creators’ reputations.

Gus Roberts (Frost) works as a broadband installer and repairman by day; by night he runs a YouTube channel which investigates ghostly activity at haunted sites across Britain – his sideline proves its worth as Gus can spot and document spooky phenomena!

But when Gus’ boss assigns him an inexperienced trainee named Elton John (Samson Kayo), things begin to change quickly. Every place Gus visits for internet service repairs seems to hold some mysterious connection to paranormal forces.

As the team expands, each member must learn to work together as effectively as possible; each has different strengths and weaknesses – for instance Gus is adept at finding evidence of spirits while Elton excels at keeping everyone calm during frightening encounters.

Rosalie Craig and Malcolm McDowell give standout performances as Gus’ father and the unsettling head of Smyle Broadband respectively; Pegg and Frost make for a dynamic duo as Dave and his tense assistant Bjorn respectively.

Frost, Kayo and Emma D’Arcy make an exceptional trio, which is then joined by Michaela Coel as Astrid (Gus’ co-worker with whom she works closely on her project), Susan Wokoma as Helen (Elton’s agoraphobic sister who does makeup tutorials online), Susan Wokoma as Gus’ finicky coworker Astrid and an impressive supporting cast that includes Michaela Coel as Gus’ colleague and Susan Wokoma as Helen (Elton’s sister who does makeup tutorials).

Truth Seekers features eight episodes that can easily be consumed in one sitting, boasting impressive production value and realistic scares. Unfortunately, though, its potential may never fully realize itself due to uneven pacing and missed comedic opportunities – despite this it remains an enjoyable horror-comedy worth checking out.


Truth Seekers stands out among ghost-themed television programs as an approachable yet subtle offering. Without gore or gross-out jokes to bog it down, Truth Seekers manages to deliver its thrilling ghost tales through eight episodes that last just half an hour each. Fans of Pegg and Frost’s Cornetto trilogy (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End) may be disappointed by fewer references to movies other than these three but there still plenty of smaller moments of humor for enjoyment!

Frost plays Gus Roberts, an ordinary British man with an ordinary job and lonely home life who moonlights as a paranormal investigator for his low-traffic YouTube channel. Together with his colleagues he searches haunted churches, underground bunkers, and abandoned hospitals for any sign of the supernatural in hopes of documenting their findings on camera; but soon their supernatural experiences become increasingly terrifying as they uncover an impending Armageddon for humanity.

Even though this production doesn’t feature a big budget, its use of dark locations successfully amplifies tension within the show. Filming took place across England; Ealing Studios provided many scenes involving Gus’ sister Helen’s apartment who suffers from agoraphobia.

Truth Seekers features characters with deep, complex backstories that unfold as the plot unfolds, helping deepen relationships and make them even more interesting. While most characters in Truth Seekers may have some form of problem, all are likeable and relatable – which sets this horror comedy apart from others in its genre.

Truth Seekers stands out in this category by being entirely original; unlike its competition it avoids recreating popular movies or characters; its humor is subtle yet engaging and it eschews over-relying on reference-heavy tropes often associated with comedy genres.

Perfect for Halloween binging, this film boasts enough conspiracy theories and suspenseful thrills to satisfy audiences of any kind, while reuniting Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, co-creators and stars of Shaun of the Dead.


Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have joined forces again to produce Truth Seekers, an Amazon Prime release packed with ghosts, nanobots, conspiracy theories and plenty of nonsense. Created by Pegg and Frost (who also co-writes with Nat Saunders and James Serafinowicz) it stars Frost as Gus Roberts: an expert broadband installer with an unsuccessful paranormal investigation sideline and YouTube channel. Soon thereafter he partners up with Elton (played by Susie Wokoma), caring for Helen before exploring mysterious incidents around town together.

Each episode begins with Gus and his team of misfits answering a prank phone call and responding accordingly, before diving headlong into paranormal phenomena that must be debunked case by case. There’s plenty of genre parody and clever references throughout; cast members bring their A game each episode. There’s also genuine humor like when Gus becomes tangled up in both a tumble dryer (and later, rope).

Even though Pegg is listed prominently in posters and trailers for Truth Seekers, his role is relatively minor. As Dave, Gus’ friendly boss at Smyle, Dave makes only occasional appearances but most of the laughter comes from other cast members in Truth Seekers.

Samson Kayo shines as Gus’ inept coworker Elton. Although not as naturally humorous as Pegg and Frost, Samson Kayo knows exactly how to play Elton’s comedic quirks; making the most out of his character’s unfunny qualities and enjoying himself through Truth Seekers as an act. It elevates its comedy status further.

Malcolm McDowell makes for an engaging appearance as the creepy old man who can’t stand Gus, Rosalie Craig is a ghost hunter with an agenda, while Emma D’Arcy believes she’s being haunted. Richard, Gus’ grumpy father and Helen who puts on a brave front complete the main cast.


If you enjoy Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s signature brand of British humor – as seen in Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End – then Truth Seekers should definitely appeal. This new Amazon Prime series offers both scares and laughs; its main characters consist of an elderly couple who travel around fixing internet lines for SMYLE broadband company as they investigate paranormal activity wherever it occurs.

Each episode in this case-by-case series offers a new supernatural encounter and creepy setting to explore. While its plot may occasionally feel predictable – demons, hotels, psychiatric hospitals and satanic books all make appearances – overall it works surprisingly well without falling back on typical jump scare tactics to create maximum unease.

Pegg and Frost deliver exceptional performances, sharing incredible chemistry in their lead roles. Samson Kayo and Emma D’Arcy round out an outstanding supporting cast, while Julian Barratt — one of Britain’s finest deadpan comics — shines as Gus’ eerie colleague Dr Peter Toynbee.

Truth Seekers’ saving grace lies in its writing. While not as humorous as What We Do in the Shadows or Shaun of the Dead, its writers created something enjoyable and inventive – even featuring some truly terrifying moments!

Although not as fantastic or terrifying as HBO’s Los Espookys or Hulu’s short-lived Helstrom, Fox’s Ghosted is much more enjoyable and far superior to Amazon’s The Mandalorian; and is much superior to another Pegg-Frost project that got cancelled recently – Supernatural: Origins!