Global Connexions (GCX)


Global Connexions (GCX) is an off-shoot of MultiConnexions – Australia’s award winning integrated multicultural marketing and communications agency. GCX was formed to address a growing need among organisations in Australia and the Asia Pacific region to become better enculturated in dealing with culturally and linguistically diverse audiences within organisations, market places and international businesses.


Our leaders have established an organisation that provides comprehensive cross-cultural consultancy, multicultural marketing training programs and international marketing advisory for businesses in a growing multicultural and global environment. Each of our leaders has distinct hands-on experience in the three verticals being offered with leading-edge tailored solutions. Our leaders are passionate about globalisation and managing cultural diversity that comes with it.


GCX core services are divided into 3 verticals:

  • Cross-cultural Training Programs
  • Multicultural Marketing Advisory and Training
  • International Marketing Consultancy

Our service solutions are flexible and generally tailored to client needs to ensure optimised outcome.