Global Connexions offers three distinct services. These services are built on The GCX International Advantage Model, where an understanding of different cultures, building relationships and acquiring international market insights play a key role in international business success.


  • Background & Cultural Ambiguities
  • Communications Barriers & Implications
  • Financial, Political, Legal & Religious Environment
  • Negotiation Undercurrents & Tips


  • Business Leads Trade Missions & B2B Trade Shows
  • Introductions to Network
  • Partner Screening
  • Business Matching Services
  • Personal & Professional Relations


  • Research & Insights
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Strategy: Market and Product
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Business Plan
  • Company Formation & Registration
  • Integrated Marketing Services
  • Market Launch
  • Distribution Strategy


Multicultural Marketing Audit (MMA), a proprietary tool – this is your opportunity to put your own marketing strategy under the microscope. Using GCX’s ‘inside out’ proprietary business framework, in conjunction with our comprehensive Multicultural Marketing Audit Framework, we will assess how well your company is performing when it comes to multicultural audiences in Australia who account for over 50 per cent of all Australian audiences (overseas born along with at least one parent born overseas).

The Multicultural Marketing Audit will examine your company’s current marketing plan, objectives and team structure. It will also look at marketing strategies and campaigns implemented, as well as results, marketing mix and media channels (including social media) with a view to assessing how effectively multicultural audiences are being addressed. Multicultural markets have been the best-kept secret for companies that have used multicultural marketing effectively, contributing to increased market share and increased revenue.

From evaluating budgets, market share and financial targets to staff, training and development; the Multicultural Marketing Audit is the only framework of its kind that will index your company’s multicultural marketing performance against the highest industry and mainstream standards. It is recommended for all companies looking at inclusive marketing strategies that target all audiences, not just the mainstream audience.

GCX offers multicultural business opportunity workshops for companies who are keen to understand the business opportunities for targeting multicultural audiences.


Ever come across a situation where you have great talent on either side of the border, but your business is still not performing as successfully as you assumed it would when you first started? GCX motivates and inspires your leaders to align effectively with their cross-border partners to achieve the high-performance targets you know your leaders and partners are capable of.

Cross cultural workshops – realising that the world is borderless today, there are many companies working with overseas partners. We offer these programs and consultancy to enhance understanding of doing business with other cultures.

  • Our cross cultural training programs include:
    • Cultural Cues into China: Get insights into the Chinese way of thinking and their unique style of doing business.
    • Insights into India: Uncover key insights into India that help you build better efficiency in your processes and construct a stronger mechanism of collaboration with your Indian professional counterparts.
    • Partnering with the Philippines: Find out how your business can leverage its competitive advantage through a presence in the Philippines by better understanding the society and its culture that your business operates in.
    • Interpreting Indonesia: Gain an understanding of how best to build a stronger relationship with your team members in Indonesia during cross-cultural ventures.
    • Venturing into Vietnam: Discover the best kept secret of the new Asian frontier as Vietnam is quickly becoming the fastest growing economy with industrial production expanding twice as fast as its GDP.
    • Doing Business with the Middle East: The Middle East is no longer just about oil and you know it. GCX can help you view the business world wearing the shoes of your client in the Middle East and the perspective is completely different from any Australian or Western idea of doing business. Get the tips you need to break in to a market that is rewarding to those with a perseverant nature.
    • Doing Business with Australia: Welcome to a nation that celebrates its multiculturalism. Australia’s diversity is its greatest strength, but can be viewed as a challenge when you want to export to this vast and vibrant country. Let GCX provide you with an in-depth understanding of the culture of doing business in and with Australia.


Assisting you with any of your international marketing expansions plans – be it a JV, investor, buyers, distribution of your product overseas and so on.

The foundation of successfully competing in international markets is to build good cultural understanding of markets, develop beneficial relationships and combine these with a sound knowledge of market dynamics. International marketing is the new language for sustainable business growth. With new companies being born every day that offer the same services or products as you, finding the right partner and value proposition is important.

With our high-level knowledge of the business, legal and cultural landscape of international markets; GCX can assist with the complete range of our international marketing advisory services. Using our Inside Out framework, we work with you as part of your team in understanding your products, processes and business goals to carve out strategies designed to help you realise these goals in your chosen international market. It is not uncommon in this enculturation process that your international business model will look somewhat different to your base model. This is natural as your products and services are suitably adapted to integrate with the target international markets.