Lolly Daskal has spent decades coaching successful executives around the world and has observed that leaders ascend to leadership based on certain values and traits; yet eventually every executive reaches a point where performance diminishes and failure persists.

As the founder of Lead from Within, she works with an impressive roster of executives from Fortune 500 companies, government leaders and entrepreneurs to harness their strengths and bridge the leadership gaps preventing them from realizing their true potential.

The Rebel

Rebels are self-assured in their cause, and stand against the status quo to save a project or company. Rebels may come from marginalized groups, minorities or be poor; regardless, this doesn’t prevent them from following their dreams and working to realize them.

The rebel archetype can be an invaluable asset to businesses that want to foster customer trust, creating relationships that go beyond product/service delivery by emphasizing values and authenticity. This kind of leadership makes sense for brands seeking to make a change in the world.

After decades of coaching powerful executives across the globe, Lolly Daskal has noticed a startling pattern: leaders rise quickly using their well-honed skill sets only to falter at critical moments without understanding why or how to prevent this happening. Drawing upon psychology, philosophy and personal experience to provide her insight, Lolly Daskal offers breakthrough perspective to help leaders overcome this barrier using seven leadership archetypes including rebel, explorer, truth-teller hero inventor navigator knight

The Explorer

Lolly Daskal has observed an alarming pattern after decades of coaching successful executives across the globe: each leader attains prominence based on unique set of abilities; however, eventually their performance declines and failure persists despite efforts at change; most do not understand why.

Lolly presents in her highly popular TED Talk a story from history that speaks directly to many of us during these uncertain times: when Alexander the Great led his men through the Bactrian Desert, he refused them water as part of his plan not to become dependent upon him for survival. Lolly’s approach aims to challenge leadership stereotypes by teaching leaders to meet teams where they are and provide them with resources needed to enhance performance.

Lolly is the president and founder of Lead From Within, a consulting firm that specializes in executive coaching and customized leadership programs. Her creative perspective and unwavering challenge to conventional wisdom have inspired audiences across the world. As an internationally acclaimed thought leader and keynote speaker, Lolly draws upon behavioral science paired with heart based leadership techniques in her work with clients ranging from Fortune 500 executives, government officials, entrepreneurs as well as celebrities such as Sean Penn.

The Truth Teller

Truth Tellers embrace candor and speak their minds openly, even if it makes others uncomfortable. They believe it’s their duty to be transparent and genuine. Unfortunately, if a Truth Teller is not careful they can turn into Deceivers that sow suspicion among employees and colleagues alike. Leaders that withhold information or give half-truths when discussing problems may think they are helping by not disclosing all information but this only breeds mistrust over time and eventually compromise morale and teamwork.

Lolly Daskal has observed an uncanny pattern during her decades coaching and inspiring powerful leaders: Each executive advances to leadership relying on certain traits and qualities which help them excel at specific levels; yet at some point they all reach a breaking point, when their strengths become weaknesses.

At Lolly’s talk, she identified “The Gap.” It refers to that point at which a successful leader becomes too dependent upon their current skill set, preventing them from reaching new levels in both career and life. We asked Lolly about seven leadership archetypes–The Rebel, Explorer Hero Inventor Navigator Knight–and when these positive qualities become negative barriers to their success.

The Hero

Lolly Daskal’s passion lies in helping others be their best selves. She has spent years coaching leaders around the globe and received various honors such as being named Inc magazine’s Top 50 Leadership & Management Expert as well as The Huffington Post naming her The Most Inspiring Woman In the World. Additionally, Lolly founded global leadership coaching and consulting firm Lead From Within.

Lolly discovered an interesting pattern after years of counseling and mentoring some of the world’s most eminent CEOs: Each leader rises to prominence through hard work and the use of well-honed skills, only to hit an impasse at some point along their journey.

As leaders struggle to stay on course, they may create a gap that has severe repercussions for their teams and organizations. This gap, known as the leadership gap, occurs when their strengths become impediments to greatness. In this episode we explore seven archetypes of leaders, how to close your leadership gap, what it means for millennials who aspire to lead as well as Lolly’s lifelong dream of becoming an author being realized with her new book titled: The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness by Lolly herself!

The Inventor

Lolly Daskal has developed a powerful system combining modern philosophy and science, as well as more than three decades of coaching powerful executives, that helps leaders harness the virtues of their leadership style. She unveils seven archetypes: rebel, explorer, truth teller, hero inventor navigator knight. Each archetype reveals hidden traits which may cause downfall among even great leaders.

The Inventor, directed by Emmy-winning director Alex Gibney and produced by Jigsaw Productions for HBO Documentary Films, begins with an intriguing tease of Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos’ startling promise to upend the medical industry through desktop printer-sized blood testing machines. Holmes received praise from magazines such as Forbes and Fortune due to her youthful looks and bold promises of revolutionizing health care delivery.

Gibney uses documentary footage and whistleblower accounts to show how Holmes used investor funds deceptively to build grandiose claims that were in reality built on lies. He illustrates how Theranos was more concerned with marketing, promotion, naming, & media management than actually providing working technology or listening to any feedback from doctors who used its machines.

The Navigator

Lolly Daskal discovered an astonishing pattern after decades of advising and inspiring some of the world’s most powerful executives: many leaders rise to success leveraging their most sought-after skills, only to reach a point of diminishing returns where their performance falters – leaving many puzzled as to why it occurs and how best to avoid it.

Lolly explores seven leadership archetypes in her new book: rebel, explorer, truth-teller, hero inventor and navigator. These seven personalities hold keys to personal development, leadership success and organizational change. Using psychology and philosophy, Lolly provides a framework that facilitates deep awareness and personal growth.

Lolly also shares her struggles with perfectionism, and how she overcame them by understanding that excellence is more than perfection – it means bringing heart, compassion and empathy to every interaction with people. Lolly tries to meet people where they are before providing the tools for growth from there.

At the conclusion, she exhorts all to take control of their lives and not let anyone or anything interfere with achieving what they desire in life. She cites an ancient story where Alexander the Great led his soldiers through the Bactrian desert without drinking from any thirsty men because he didn’t want them wasting energy fighting battles they couldn’t win.

The Knight

Lolly Daskal has spent decades coaching powerful executives around the globe and has observed that leaders often come into their roles relying on certain values and traits; but over time each executive reaches a point of performance decline or failure without understanding why this happened.

Daskal developed an innovative method that unearths hidden impediments to effective leadership patterns. Utilizing modern philosophy, science and her vast pool of experience to offer a fresh new way of looking at leadership; she takes us inside some of the most cloistered boardrooms; allows intimate discussions between industry leaders; and introduces us to luminaries who have changed the world.

Lolly’s message for listeners is clear: Don’t be stopped from taking action by your fear of not being perfect or the fear of disappointing someone else. Before she goes to sleep each night, Lolly asks herself two questions about herself: am I celebrating my daily triumphs and am I putting myself out there?” This process forms the cornerstone of her quest for excellence – Lolly believes everyone can become great leaders; Lead From Within offers global leadership coaching and consulting services and boasts over three decades of experience working with some of the world’s largest and most successful companies.