Global Connexions (GCX) is a sister company of MultiConnexions – Australia’s award winning multicultural communications and PR agency. It was formed to address a growing need among organisations in Australia and Asia Pacific to get better enculturated in dealing with culturally and linguistically diverse audiences within organisations, market places and international businesses. Today, corporations and businesses are operating in a highly diverse and multicultural environment where one size does “not” fit all. And failure to do so can lead to a “square peg in a round hole” syndrome with sub optimal results.

With the significant rise of cross-border business opportunities, particularly in Asia Pacific markets, cultural understanding of different markets leads to considerably improved business relationship and outcome – be it in partnering, offshoring, outsourcing, sourcing or undertaking a strategic international business expansion through Foreign Direct Investment, Joint Ventures or Export & Import.

GCX’s leadership shares a common passion and understanding for diversity and the multicultural nature of the market, both locally and globally. Individually and together they bring rich knowledge and experience that they have gained over the last few decades. GCX assists organisations to better understand the world of different business cultures and to deal with people, relationships and cross border markets. The GCX leadership is supported by a hand-picked acculturated team of facilitators and consultants, with hands-on business acumen and experience across different industry verticals.

To be Australia’s leading consultancy that transforms organisation business models to embrace cultural diversity in the context of building relationships and markets.

To build a bridge of cultural understanding that will create a more connected global market place and foster professional and economic success for all stakeholders – governments, businesses, employees and consumers.


Our strategy revolves around Culture, Relationships and Markets. We do this with our tested “Inside Out” business framework, where understanding culture is at the core to building great relationships and to achieving market and business goals.


We equip corporations and SME businesses with requisite knowledge and skills, leveraging the diversity in Australia and its international markets through:

  • Cross Cultural Training
  • Multicultural Marketing Training and Advisory
  • International Marketing Advisory