GCX cross-cultural team includes 12 highly experienced consultants and facilitators who are led by Sheba Nandkeolyar, Cross-Cultural Practice Partner. One of the biggest challenges to a successful global economy is the cultural barrier. Failing to address cultural issues can result in cost increases, missed milestones, increased time to understand and resolve challenges and/or loss of productivity and quality aside from broken relationships. Our cross-cultural team has hands-on experience managing culturally diverse teams and markets especially in partnering, offshoring and outsourcing. They are renowned for delivering experiential training solutions which are highly engaging, impactful and lasting.

Our consultants have varied experience in developing tailored cross-cultural programs relevant to organisations and their international business partners, particularly from countries like India, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, among others. Each of our experienced consultant brings unique cultural knowledge and insights that is practical and outcome focused.