The international marketing team is led by Sanjeev Nandkeolyar, International Marketing Practice – Managing Partner. Enterprising companies stand to gain significantly from their Asia-Pacific neighbours, particularly emerging giants like India and China with their higher GDP growth and aspiring population. There is an opportunity to expand into these markets through Foreign Direct Investment, Joint Ventures, Imports and Exports. Australian innovation, research and business opportunities can find scalability in countries such as India and China. Further, companies can tap into these markets to source products and services to increase their competitive advantage in terms of cost and value.

The areas of these collaborations are immense – from education to agriculture to health to FMCG products to high-tech goods to sports – any sector you can name. The International Marketing Practice aims to strategically connect organisations with international market opportunities.

The GCX team has strong hands-on international business experience and acumen of working on a range of international business dimensions. These cover market intelligence, market feasibility, product market entry strategy, insights, business plan development, identifying joint venture partners or buyers to assisting with market launches.

We can help start-up businesses incubate ideas, form company and source funding. GCX operates nimbly, is sensitive to client needs and operates through a consortium of associate relationships to give them a competitive advantage. In most assignments our credo is to work inclusively as part of the international marketing desk of our client organisation, rather than just be an arm’s length consultant.

GCX has a team of specialists and associates who are deployed based on client specific mandates to deliver the best outcome.