Learning about another culture is important, but understanding culturally-influenced behaviours is another ball game; especially to build effective relationships to grow your business. GCX helps you understand the various multicultural audiences inside out to get you in step for a profitable tomorrow.

If you are a business professional tackling a challenging multicultural environment or a marketer looking to break into multicultural markets or a business owner who wants to take it to the next level; GCX offers a full suite of multicultural advisory services from strategy, to setting up multicultural teams, to doing a multicultural audit, to a range of training programs that define and characterise the various multicultural audience segments.

GCX-conducted programs are generally tailored to client needs, but the list below outlines the array of training modules and services offered.

People & Leadership

Walk-the-Talk (WTT):
To make the most of diversity in the market, you need to embrace diversity in the workplace.  The business landscape in Australia is drastically different to what it looked like 10 to 15 years ago. By embracing diversity, we can spark innovation, better understand and serve a growing multicultural audience and gain competitive advantage.

Want your entire organisation to learn about sustainable growth in a diverse multicultural environment? GCX has a network of senior marketing personnel with extensive experience working with and within multiple cultures ready to show you how to embrace multicultural marketing and address multicultural audiences by making it a part of your organisational thinking. They will address your managers and teams about the advantages of working with people from different cultures. Further, they will discuss how implementing a successful diversity strategy has helped them foster incredibly fruitful relationships with their multicultural customers.

Leaders Planning Workshop (LPW):
With record numbers of foreigners either migrating to Australia or coming here to study and/or work, it’s more vital than ever for businesses to start communicating with multicultural consumers. However, driving a successful multicultural strategy starts from the top. When the leadership team sees the bigger picture, the whole team becomes passionate about understanding and embracing the opportunity as well.

This session is a ‘must have’ at your next yearly offsite planning and/or business strategy workshop. GCX leaders will provide key insights towards elements you need to consider and implement for a super successful and effective marketing strategy in a multicultural business environment.

Multicultural Marketing Audit Services (MMAS):
Do you know as much about your own marketing strategy and operations as you should? This is your opportunity to put your own marketing strategy under the microscope. Using GCX’s ‘inside out’ proprietary business framework, in conjunction with our comprehensive Multicultural Marketing Audit Framework, we will assess how well your organisation is performing when it comes to multicultural audiences.

The Multicultural Marketing Audit will examine your organisation’s current marketing plan, objectives and team structure. It will also look at marketing strategies and campaigns implemented, as well as results, marketing mix and media channels (including social media) with a view to assessing how effectively multicultural audiences are being addressed.

From evaluating budgets, market share and financial targets to staff, training and development; the Multicultural Marketing Audit is the only framework of its kind that will index your organisation’s multicultural marketing performance against the highest industry and mainstream standards. It is recommended for all organisations looking to take ‘multicultural’ seriously.

Multicultural Markets

Marketing to Multicultural Audiences (MMA):
Multicultural audiences are potentially your new mainstream market. It is an audience segment that no marketer can ignore. GCX can provide key insights into what they want and show you how to re-position your communication messages and creatives to build a meaningful relationship with the upcoming new mainstream.

Multicultural Youth Demographic (MYD):
Reaching out to the multicultural youth demographic can be a challenge without an understanding of the communication channels they frequent. Gain insights into the most effective channels of communication to reach this niche audience, understand how cultural relevance and language impacts consumer behaviours and know why going digital is not the only answer.

Connect with Ethnic Business Owners (CEBO):
No business is an island. Develop strong relationships and networks with key local ethnic business owners, who can act as strong influencers and channels to advertise your brand, services and products to the members of their community. Add value to your business equity through creating these channels you always wanted, but didn’t know how to establish.

Migrant Markets

New Migrant Markets (NMM):
Want to learn how to capitalise on the massive new migrant audiences who live and work in Australia? Let GCX show you the way. We have helped numerous businesses not only identify the potential of new migrant audiences appropriate to their products/services, but also design end-to-end strategies to tap into this audience segment to build brand awareness, brand adoption and brand loyalty.

International Student Markets (ISM):
Education is the building block for a successful future. It is something most multicultural audiences take very seriously. Learn how to capitalise and tap into this massive market of international students stemming from all parts of the world into Australia. The numbers speak for themselves, with enrolments staying over 500,000 every year since 2008. Many of these students also apply for permanent residency in Australia.

Work Visa Holders (WVH):
With the demand for skilled workers increasing, so is the potential to create a niche market for this specific audience group. Understand their unique needs through GCX insights to maximise growth and increase sales of your products/services to this growing and untapped market.

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